Edingcncapi Netstandard 2.0


This code wrapper for the Edingcncapi is written entirely in C #. The advantage of this codewrapper over the previous code wrapper written in C ++ / clr is that it can be used in Unity 3D (Mono).
An example of a project using this code wrapper can be found at nuget: https: //github.com/Mmalherbe/MassiveCNC
The codewrapper can also be used on linux if Edingcnc releases a linux version of the cncapi in the future.

This code wrapper is not backwards compatible with the C ++ / clr wrapper (CncApi Netframework). The main difference is that the api wrapper methods are not static.
An example code for the new wrapper:

G_GetServer server = new G_GetServer (“”);// If your program runs next to the edingcnc UI, no configuration file needs to be entered.
G_GetServer.ConnectServer ();
G_GetConfigItems configItems = new G_GetConfigItems (server);
string password = configItems.GetSetupPassword ();